Map of Maryborough Showgrounds

The older section of the building serves as a meeting room and display area with basic kitchen facilities and storage for the club’s library collection. The display area also houses the Woodcraft display during the local show. This section is now air conditioned. Newer extensions serve as workshop and storage areas for the club’s wood stocks. A shed in another part of the grounds provides extra space for wood storage.

The club’s library includes a range of woodcraft books, magazines and some videos covering
wood turning, carving, pyrography, scrollsaw work, intarsia, and furniture making. Members can borrow from this collection.

The club’s Occupational Health and Safety program requires members to be accredited before using a machine unsupervised. User Manuals and Safety Directions and MSDS Sheets are available.

All members must be inducted and signed off before using machines unsupervised

In the workshop we have 5 wood lathes, 2 band saws, a 305mm cabinet saw, a compound mitre saw, 6 scroll saws, belt/disc sander, drum sander, drill press, planer/thicknesser,  jointer, air compressor, router table, 5 pyrography burners, and assorted hand tools.

A ducted dust collection system supported by air filters contributes to a clean working and viewing environment.

The club also stocks a range of materials and components for sale to members:  e.g. scroll saw blades, end sealers, pen components, wood, sand papers etc, etc.